For people and companies who want to break new ground, brückenwege is the sphere of action that combines mental, spiritual and material levels and develops holistic paths to success, because brückenwege listens, creates and acts. Inner wisdom, pioneering spirit and entrepreneurial courage are integrated, resulting in authentic bridging paths from and for clients and customers alike.



brückenwege stands for truthfulness, authenticity and integrity in thinking, feeling and acting. I work holistically, because development, joie de vivre and success are based on an *integral way of living and working. This approach opens up new spaces to combine the specific knowledge and skills of people and companies with their inner wisdom, ability to act and energetic drive.

*The term "integral" refers to a holistic way of working that unites both Western and Eastern world views, scientific thinking as well as spiritual experiences and insights.




I am building bridges of a natural kind: from the soul to the mind to the body and between people, companies and cultures. I combine the essential with the original and thereby enable uniqueness: your personal bridge path (brückenweg) to success.

my philosophy

my portfolio

brückenwege portfolio - soul art. creative flow. entrepreneurial spirit

I combine different working methods systematically and intuitively, with the intention to activate your mental, mental, physical and material resources in the best possible way. I love to accompany and encourage you to live and develop your individual talents consciously and to bring your hidden potentials to light and to use them sensibly. Always with the goal to realize your personal dreams, entrepreneurial ideas and visions.



  • naturally agile - feel truthfully and live self-determined

  • uniquely original - think authentically and research with open mind and heart

  • radiantly powerful - act with integrity and lead courageously

  • continuously stable - effectuate integrally and inspire lastingly

brückenwege portfolio - soul art. creative flow. entrepreneurial spirit
Listening with heart and soul

Listening with heart and soul I receive impulses, intuitions and inspirations from the listening higher self. I follow my inner perception and give truth to what is.

brückenwege portfolio - soul art. creative flow. entrepreneurial spirit
brückenwege portfolio - soul art. creative flow. entrepreneurial spirit
Drawing from intuition and creative reasoning

Ideas, visions and concepts with pioneering spirit are created by drawing from listening in silence. I shape, develop and formulate thoughts, texts and messages with style.

Doing with hand, head and heart




Entrepreneurial courage and energy are combined in the making off concrete projects and undertakings. Together we dare new things, realize dreams and design your heart business .

my offer

  • Do you long for more self-knowledge, lasting success and profound healing at all levels?


  • Are you open to new things, willing to learn and to experiment?

  • Do you dream of discovering, developing and using your full potential in work, everyday life and health?

  • Are you open to new approaches, unconventional solutions and "out of the box" thinking?

  • Do you dream of realizing your own ideas, dreams and visions and building your own heart business? Or would you like to inspire your team to real motivation and sustainable success?

If you can answer at least one of the above questions with a clear "Yes", I would be very happy to accompany you on your personal way.

My offer is directed equally at private individuals and companies. Due to my own biography I love to work with people and companies with a background in one or more of the following areas:


  • Self-employed (e.g. artists or creative professionals, therapy and health care)

  • Highly sensitive persons

  • Highly and multi-talented people

  • Persons wishing to set up their own company

  • People who want to change in one or more areas of life (e.g. change of profession, separation, etc.)



  • Founders, entrepreneurs, managers, project and team leaders and employees at all levels

  • Business development and creative departments

  • Personnel development, management development

  • CSR, marketing or communications departments

  • Educational institutions (colleges, universities, adult education centres, etc.)


My offer is based on the experiences on my own bridge path, the competences developed in different stages of life, my individual gifts and personal inclinations. The individual services in the areas of soul business, coaching and consulting as well as projects build on each other according to my holistic approach and can be booked as moduls or integrated.

In an initial discussion, we first discuss your concern, your personal or entrepreneurial question. The initial consultation lasts between 1 and 1 ½ hours, depending on the request.

In the next step we define your goals and the procedure to work on your topic or to solve your problem. Depending on requirements and wishes, the inclusion and combination of the various methods and services can be designed flexibly, i.e. across portfolios and levels. This approach corresponds to my holistic-orientated approach and the values of brückenwege.


Individual person:          

1 unit à 150 francs per 60 minutes


Business customer:     

1 unit à 150 - 200 francs per 60 minutes, depending on complexity and duration of the order. Usually a project budget is agreed upon (Project documentation included).


brückenwege is not subject to VAT"

Example private person -

business start-up:

It can make sense and be useful to deal with existential fears that initially exist in a healing work session (soul art), before fine-tuning one's own business idea or making use of a start-up consultation (creative flow), in order to finally develop a business model for one's own company or self-employment (entrepreneurial spirit).

Example business customer -
change management process:

By working with one's own intuition in connection with creative writing, blockages can first be uncovered that may (still) stand in the way of dealing with the topic or solving the problem (soul art). On this basis a meaningful and goal-oriented consultation can be conceived and realized (creative flow), with the intention to influence the organizational development process positively (entrepreneurial spirit).

Ultimately, you choose the type and duration of cooperation in the form of individual applications, consultations, orders or projects and thus choose your personal bridging path (brückenweg).


terms and conditions

Agreed dates must be cancelled no later than 3 working days before the agreed date. Appointments exceeding two hours must be cancelled at least 7 days in advance. Otherwise the agreed hours will be invoiced.

The initial consultation usually takes between 60 and 90 minutes.

The units of private individuals are to be paid in cash at the end of the session. In the case of consulting mandates or project work for companies, an invoice is issued to the client in accordance with the agreed project budget.

"Ich bin die Brücke, über die ich gehe

und mich endlich verstehe"

"I am the bridge that I am crossing
and finally understand myself."

brückenwege - lauschen.schöpfen.tun
brückenwege - lauschen.schöpfen.tun
brückenwege - lauschen.schöpfen.tun
brückenwege - lauschen.schöpfen.tun
brückenwege - lauschen.schöpfen.tun
brückenwege - lauschen.schöpfen.tun


Birgitta Borghoff


Bridge Builder, Creative Entrepreneur, Designer, Scientific and Spiritual Researcher,

Holistic Life Coach, Storyteller and Poet 

"Feeling truthfully - thinking authentically - acting with integrity - living self-determined"

Hello, I am Birgitta Borghoff and I am glad that we meet here.


I was born in 1974 as the youngest child of 5 siblings near Paderborn in Germany and was born with many gifts and talents. I have been working and living in Switzerland for over 18 years and live in Winterthur together with my husband.

my essence

Already during my childhood and schooldays I knew instinctively that the material world had a non-material basis, that is, an "intangible" spiritual dimension. For me, nature has always been like a living being that lives and breathes and on whose back we human children ride. Due to my vivid imagination and pronounced intuition, I decided to first complete a "solid" training as a hotel manager after school and later a study of business administration; although spiritual, philosophical and psychological questions about God and the world have fascinated me much more. As well as matters of communication, consciousness, thinking and language (especially the "unspoken" between the spoken words) and culture. In all these areas my imagination knew no limits, so that I often took up the pen to write down my observations, feelings and suspicions about my perceptions and inspirations in a small booklet. In this way, poetic texts, verses and aphorisms emerged that touched my heart and nourished my soul. I also found myself in music: Due to the folksy musicality in my family I discovered my love for music at an early age and at the age of 6 I learned to play the recorder, later also the accordion, clarinet and saxophone. I rehearsed and performed with the local music association and was engaged in the music ensemble of the community folk dance group.


Basically, I chose a very "down-to-earth" way of learning to find my way in the material world and to "make" my contribution, that is, to "perform". Even though this path was sometimes associated with many efforts, painful experiences and personal challenges, I am very grateful for all the learning experiences, situations and people I met during this time. By repeatedly confronting my own unconscious fears, which challenged me in various life situations, I have (re)discovered my inner courage, jumped far beyond my own shadows and was able to transform many fears. The self-discipline and perseverance that I developped have greatly strengthened my self-confidence and confidence in life itself. Today I follow my own heart and the impulses of my soul more than ever and am happy to combine the learned professional trade and accumulated expertise with my sensitive gift of clear feeling, listening and writing.


my educational background

I studied organizational communication (MA), business administration (BA) and arts management (MAS) and am a trained hotel specialist.

Furthermore I am educated in Applied Philosophy in a professional context and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), in the teaching of the ethereal (Göthertsche Methode®), as certified Soul Body Fusion® Practitioner (Jonette Crowley) and certified Bioenergetikerin Extrasens (Viktor Philippi).

Current sites of activity



my calling

The purpose of my life and actions is to be the mouthpiece of my soul and ambassador of the heart. My aim is to share courageous pioneering spirit, wisdom, intuitive subtlety and farsighted precision with the world. For me, this means encouraging and supporting people and companies to truthfully feel their own feelings and emotions, to think authentic thoughts and to act with integrity. This is combined with the desire to bring to light the hidden potentials of people and to mobilize their individual vitality and creativity for a self-determined life.


I love building bridges between people, companies and cultures. I love developing creative ideas and accompanying innovative projects from the original idea to its realization. My strong intuition and empathy, a high sensitivity for situations, my interdisciplinary approach as well as a pronounced management and communication competence enable me to approach various topics and problems professionally, innovatively and sometimes also somewhat unconventionally. I enjoy motivating, supporting and challenging people. Be it in the form of revitalizing healing work, goal-oriented coaching sessions, individual consultations or entrepreneurial-inspired projects. My manifold experiences in the fields of economy, culture, social affairs, education, science, the art of energetic healing and personal development enable me to fulfil my vocation with deep joy and dedication. Many people have already benefited from my special qualities and skills as well as my specialist knowledge and experience. They are more self-confident, courageous and joyful in their lives.


In the section wortbrücken (German only) I share poetic inspirations from listening in silence and give encouragement for the individual path of life. You can also find me on Facebook.


I look forward to meeting you!

my competencies and methods


Technical knowledge and experience acquired through training and professional practice:

  • perceiving and telling

  • researching and developing

  • designing and formulating

  • undertaking and implementing

  • integrating and reflecting

  • counselling and coaching

  • innovating and networking

  • communicating and mediating

Personal qualities developed through personal life experience, research and professional practice:

  • clear feeling, listening and writing

  • philosophizing and inspiring

  • dreaming and creating

  • motivating and building up

  • involving and reflecting

  • encouraging and strengthening

  • imagining and connecting

  • sensitizing and building bridges


my network


„Wir bauen Brücken von der Alten Musik, zur Neuen Musik, zu anderen Kultursparten, zu Wirtschaft, Bildung und Wissenschaft und bieten originelle Plattformen, um Künstlerinnen und Künstlern, Publikum und Kunden, Kooperations- und Geschäftspartnern in gesamtgesellschaftlicher Hinsicht zu dienen.“


Birgitta Borghoff und Beat Merz, Initianten und Geschäftsführer

Tonwerkstatt ~ Kunsttherapie ~ Malatelier in Winterthur-Veltheim

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🌟"impulsderzeit" is my impulse letter of the new time for you, for me, for us. ~ Herewith I like to inspire you to listen, create and act. The letter focuses and addresses topics from my brückenwege portfolio, i.e. thoughts, stories, poetry or scientifically reflecting contributions to Soul Art (soul art), Creative Flow (creative creation) and Entrepreneurial Spirit (entrepreneurial thinking, feeling and acting).


In order not to miss the monthly Impulsletter, subscribe to it right now. I am looking forward to you! ~ Is impulsderzeit also of interest to your friends? Then I would be happy if you forward the link to the impulse letter. Thank you.





Birgitta Borghoff

Schulstrasse 16

CH-8400 Winterthur


+41 76 440 11 88



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Birgitta Borghoff

Schulstrasse 16, CH-8400 Winterthur

Phone: +41 76 440 11 88





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